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"She's got the front of her lower torso and her heart facing toward him. This is a photo of them actually having a moment together — there's a playfulness and a happiness between the two of them." in New York City.

Wood's reading of this photo is that it was a very intimate moment that was interrupted by a bright camera flash in what looks to be a dark room."This is a very intimate, more sexual photo," Wood said.

"He's got this look a man has that's like, 'Hey, I'm with her, I've got a babe, and she's mine.'" Wood also pointed out that Melania's face is very "open," which means her eyes, cheekbones, and mouth are up, and her front teeth are showing.

It's one of only a few photos of Melania where she's smiling with her mouth open, another notable photo being one from her wedding to Donald a month later in January 2005.

"He's showing some ownership, [but] she's not relaxed into him.

I was very happy to see there was a little moment." The fact that the two touch hands made Wood happy because it seems like something a normal couple would do.

In reaction to a slew of appearances from the new president and first lady, two camps emerged — those arguing that Melania needs help, and those arguing she's actually her own person and doesn't require your sympathy.

Of course, no one knows what the interior of the Trumps' love life looks like.

But we can see that [tension] is a choice, because she's acting differently than she did before." The day before Trump's inauguration, he and Melania arrived in Washington, D.

C., and shared a very brief hand hold while walking off their plane.

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Some even speculated Melania was perhaps trapped in an abusive relationship.

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