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This show consists in part of sketches and drawings, studies for oil paintings, some of which you can see in the exhibition.Many of these show fascinating details of local granadinos, their clothes, houses, patios and gardens.At the time when the Fortuny family arrived, the city was an isolated spot, culturally as well as geographically, well off the map of established artistic hotspots like London, Paris and New York.The painter, flushed with recent critical and commercial success in the French capital, but also wanting to escape the associated pressures of his new status, found a sense of peace where he could rediscover his creative talent.The annual worldwide celebration of these wines, which range from bone-dry to smooth and sweet – fino, manzanilla, amontillado, oloroso, palo cortao, cream and Pedro Ximenez – has grown every year since it started in 2014.

Marroquies by Mariano Fortuny Some paintings have a Moroccan theme, as Fortuny was sent there in 1859 to document the Spanish-Moroccan war (remember, this was before the era of photography).Legend has it that the Banu Al-Sarrya (the original Arabic version of the name), an important political dynasty, were massacred here by the Zenete, a rival family.The Zenete claimed that one of their women was involved with a man from the Al-Sarrya, and so 36 of that family’s men were invited to dinner and slaughtered (perhaps inspiring a notorious episode of , showing the bullring with the cathedral behind.La Matanza de los Abencerrajes by Mariano Fortuny One of his most famous works was painted in Granada.The bloody scene is set in the Alhambra’s Sala de los Abencerrajes, off the Courtyard of the Lions.

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