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“Imagine if we were at an elegant restaurant, and you were under the table cloth, eating me out while the waiter took our order.” or, “what if we were at a party full of sexy people and they all just started f*cking in front of us?”Make like your favorite reality show stars and start spilling!So, you can imagine we were more than excited to chat with him about his curious transformation.SO excited, in fact, that we got heavily carried away in the pun stakes, and embarked upon an elaborate game of 'Would You Rather'; creatively entitled: The Horn Ultimatum.” or “What if we were invited by a sexy woman on the beach to have a threesome?You’re not obligated to only talk about stuff you’ve done or necessarily will do, during phone sex.

”Your partner will give their own clues as to whether or not you’re hitting the right buttons.

Try teasing your partner like you’re also a music streaming service who refuses to give in to Taylor Swift's demands.

Lauren suggests “setting the stage” with a quick call or flirty text that will make your partner really look forward to talking with you.

Maybe you hate the outdoors and would never in a million years be caught doing watersports.

There’s nothing stopping you from exploring a phone sex fantasy of getting it on in a raft in the lake when the your mind.

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