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One final piece is the power plug, a largish wall wart that takes a cue from Apple by including a removable section.Here you can slot in either a flip-out, two-prong end or a longer, three-prong cable.The primary keys float in a slightly recessed area, comfortably sized and comfortably spaced. These are flush with each other and far stiffer than the normal keys.This isn't much of a bother, since you won't be using them nearly as frequently as the rest, but butting them right up against each other makes them difficult to find by touch.The inspiration is obvious, but we're not complaining.This lets you have both a short, easy-to-pack version when you're traveling light and a longer but rather more clunky version for those times when you need a bit more reach.

Integrated in the bezel is a webcam situated in the center-top of the bezel, next to a small status LED to let you know when Big Brother is watching.For the receiving end, Google has also integrated an array of microphones throughout the machine to help with active noise cancellation, including one positioned to detect (and eliminate) keyboard clatter when you're typing whilst in a Hangout or the like.Without the ability to selectively disable this microphone we can't be sure how great an effect it had, but we can say that plenty of QWERTY-based noise got through in our test calls.Is a Chromebook that starts at more than five times the cost of its strongest competition even worth considering? If you'll forgive us just one cliche, Google has gone from zero to hero with the Pixel. First impressions are of a laptop with surprising density.Apple's Mac Book Pros, with their precisely hewn aluminum exteriors, have long been the benchmark against which other laptops were held in when it comes to a sense of solidity.

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You won't be giving your neighbors anything to complain about if these are cranked to maximum volume, nor do you need to concern yourself about cracking the masonry thanks to the bass, but the output here is respectably loud and good-sounding.

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