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I enjoy short stories and these two were a great read!I hate you Cupid by heather Cole: Is a short story of Soledad being in love with her best friend. She will do anything to make sure that she she reveals her love to her bff, even steal an ancient text or Cupid to make it happen.

Delilah is crushed because her boyfriend broke up with her on the last Valentine's Day and she figures she is undesirable and she has focused on her work.

A good short that exercised sexual responsibility as well as a really good time.

4 star Horngry-Troy King Diana and Cupid are the hunter and the hunted.

Take a peek at what's inside: I Hate You, Cupid by Heather Cole Cupid's Arrow by Meg Cooper Pinkie Promises by Jane Danger Waiting for Cupid by Caia Fox Horngry by Troy King Cops & Robbers by Fallen Kittie Falling for Cupid by Christin Lovell Two Gods Walk Into a Bar by Audrey Lusk Candy's Cupid by Ruby Madden Hold Me Tender & Kiss Me Tender by Ruby Madden Couple's Skate by A.

Regina Cantatis Love in the Wild by Twyla Turner Waiting for You by Lydia Young This is a box set of various authors I not read before except for Twyla Turner. Love in the Wild by Twyla Turner This story was about Love who is a curvy woman who her work colleagues thinks cannot get a man.

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