Dating a prude girl

#1 You blush when you talk about anything sexually related.

Someone who is a prude doesn’t want to hear your TMI.

You have no problem letting someone know they are invading your personal space, your personal comfort zone, or being too inquisitive about things that aren’t their business. #18 When things get a little too “open” you are out the door.

Whether you are at a party or just at someone’s house, if things get a little too much and open, you are the first out the door on your way home.

It doesn’t even have to be sexual, if it just sounds like it has the potential to be, then you don’t want to hear it.If the mere talk about anything related to your bodily fluids, functions, or biology in general, makes you cringe, that might mean you are a prude. It isn’t just that you don’t want to pose for Playboy, you don’t want to be naked when you are with someone or alone.Nakedness might be your birthday suit, but it isn’t something you ever want to show off to anyone, birthday or not. How to confidentially take it all off] #4 You don’t want to hear about who sleeps with who, not your business. There was that one guy in the corner who had their hand up asking questions, because “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and then there was you. After twenty years, you still remember the embarrassment of wanting to shrink away. “Hey get a room.” Yep, not only do public displays of affection make you uncomfortable, it makes you want to be nasty and tell them that there is a time and a place.If it makes you feel uneasy, you look for the exit sign. You think someone is totally hot until they are too pushy and then they are totally not.But, someone who is after you only for that portion of what you have, isn’t going to make for a long-term mate.

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