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Even if she’s not into cars, baseball, and IT software, you can make it interesting for her to listen to. Ask questions and demand details, be amazed and shocked at how successful or unique she is. Say a couple of compliments at different occasions.Try finding the reasons to separate her from other women and highlight her uniqueness.The statistics also suggested that shorter men make women more secure about their own imperfections.The same says short men make better husbands and are more successful in their work. Never be shy talking about sex if that is what she wants to talk about.Sit or stand comfortably, use gestures and mimics as if you’re an orator but stay humble at the same time.People like what other people are passionate about.

So, be straightforward with women you are trying to meet online.Even though you are trying to distract women from your height don’t say to yourself “oh, she probably doesn’t like me because I’m short”.Just forget the fact that you’re shorter than others completely. Don’t stare and monitor her all the time while you’re at the party or in a bar.If you’re short, it does not mean you can’t be attractive, confident, and successful. She is with him because his height makes her think she is stronger and have more power. Buying the right clothes is enormously useful for short men dating women. No matter how trivial it sounds working out is always a good decision.There are no obstacles between short men and dating. A lot of tall women are dating short men, the statistics say. Tall women who date short men are trying to cultivate and express dominance. You can’t afford to be short and lazy at the same time. Obviously, it will decrease your chances to impress women.

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