Dating bipolar woman

Any advice with regards to my situation or dating a BP individual in general are welcome.

She had been in the hospital a week and I think she felt as she had no alternative but to tell me what was going on.

Bipolar 2 is very manageable but your friend probably needs to talk about other problems from her past. For now after I emailed her the ball is in her court so to speak, I may never hear from her again as far as I know.

Listen without talking for as long as you possibly can- just nod and approve of anything she tells you.(She may feel really guilty) One more thing - sometimes and of this I have personal experience our mood can be affected by seasons,so she may fall into depression in winter and be hypomanic in hot weather. I do hope to be able to talk to her about all of this but that is up to her.

She had been self medicating with alcohol and probably illegal drugs.

She told me that she really hoped I would keep her in my life and that she believed we had possibilities for a future.

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