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Infection of these cells by HIV-1 is often described in two consecutive stages, the M-tropic and T-tropic phases, corresponding to the target cells: macrophage or T-lymphocyte cells.

During viral infection, a glycoprotein on the surface of the virus, gp120, binds to the immune cell-surface molecule CD4 receptor (Janeway 2008).

Thus non-European races, which were never exposed to plague, might historically be expected to be particularly susceptible to smallpox: American indigenous populations were especially badly hit when smallpox was introduced by conquering Europeans.

Second, there is good evidence that haemorrhagic plague did not disappear completely in 1670 but continued in Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, and the European-Asian borders.

Several ligands bind to each chemokine receptor, and many ligands bind to multiple receptors.

Due to this redundancy, a chemokine receptor knockout rarely results in phenotypic changes (Allen 1999).

There are four subfamilies of chemokines and their respective receptors, distinguished by patterns of cysteine residues (abbreviated “C”) in the former.

Individually, the engineered enzymes show both activity and substrate specificity with regards to their target sequences on , selected active mutants, and performed recombinase activity assays side-by-side with starting pool samples.To avoid confusion, we have named this disease haemorrhagic 1600 (fig 1, line A); extrapolation of the line shows that the overall mortality in the Black Death was around 40%.In response to foreign antigens, the body’s immune system concentrates specific white blood cells at the site of infection.Cell migration and activation in this process is mediated by signaling molecules known as chemokines (chemoattractant cytokines) which are secreted early in the immune response (de Silva and Stumpf 2004).

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