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With the fact that these guns, made in much greater quantities than the Model 62, are so expensive and collectable these days, it only stands to reason that their offspring will do the same in coming generations.With this in mind, should you come across a good 62 or 62A that is more blue than brown, cycles well and has a minimum of abuse to it, you may want to consider putting it in the safe and mentioning it in a will.Unlike the Model 1890, the new gun was made to shoot various .22 rimfire rounds interchangeably.This enabled it to cycle either .22Short (20-shots), Long (16-shots), and Long Rifle (14-shots) cartridges in the same magazine.

A plain walnut straight-grip stock with a rubber plate, very similar to the one sported by the Model 1906, held the back of the rifle steady while the pump was a long, thin wooden handle with grooves to help the shooter’s grip.Based on Browning’s proven original, the gun that became the Model 62 looked almost identical for many reasons.Internally, it was the same rifle, using a slide-action worked manually by the user to load and unload rounds from the under barrel tubular magazine into the chamber with each rear-then-forward stroke.Also unlike the Model 1890, the gun was never able to fire the slightly longer .22 WRF round, which was the .22 Magnum 1900s-era. An oversized screw on the rear of the receiver, when removed, allowed the gun to break apart into two pieces for cleaning, storage, and transport.It loaded much like the Marlin Model 60 of today with a tube mounted under and parallel to the barrel held into place by a spring-loaded plunger at the top.

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