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Huh: Well, the job of the editing is to enhance the dramatic elements while also still maintaining that feel.

If you look at What Lies Beneath, with the cat hiding in packing peanuts — in the original video as it came to us, you can actually see the cat popping in and out.

I have used these pictures in my presentation on the medical treatment for animal bites. The authors are very creative in coming up with captions for really funny photos of cats.

And when the ICHC network began incorporating videos via You Tube, the results were epic win for them and audiences alike. New Tee Vee: Which you are now launching as a Partner account… But our first priority is understanding what kind of product our users are looking for, because for this model it’s slightly different — the videos are user-sourced but they’re edited by us.I loved this little book of cat photos with captions added. People who have never even heard of the website love this book. "Full of win" refers to the Fail Blog, another link of the ICHC website. It's 100% enjoyable, whether reading it for the first time, or the 50th time. Just be aware that the inspiration web site I CAN HAS [...] is totally addictive.Wacky captions that sometimes didn't fit the photo but were funny anyway. My favorite was a series of photos of different cats all doing invisible things - invisible pickle jar opening, invisible pomel horse rider, invisible shopping cart pushing, but the best was invisible pulling of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon! The spelling and punctuation errors are on purpose, as the text is meant to be read as though a cat were saying it, and we assume that cats can't spell. Several ICHC fans (ok maybe just me) may require intervention soon.New Tee Vee: The ICHC You Tube channel is a slightly late entry into the cat-video game — how do you plan on making up for lost time?Huh: We have no plans aside from concentrating on what we think is going to be funny and delivering entertainment to our users.

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