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Despite all the tiffs we had, Silajit didn���t change; neither did I. I did not get physical with any man while I was with Q, but maybe in my heart of hearts, I wanted to break free. I was very close to his mother and it was shocking when she passed away. ��� Now I want to do that ��� act, dance, be happy and earn money while doing all that.

Apurbo too would judge women by the size of their breasts. I couldn���t muster the courage to attend her funeral as I couldn���t come to terms with it. For 11 years, I stopped myself from being part of mainstream cinema. I don���t want to be known just for Gandu or Cosmic Sex.

I found Kamalika very nagging while doing a task and asked her to stop at one point. She spoke on air about my affairs, physical relationships, who would send me love letters and added a figment of her fertile imagination to paint a picture far removed from reality. She spoke about my relationship with Dhee in presence of Silajit and alleged that I had disrespected her deceased parents. I don���t mind working with him further provided he gives me the money. Cosmic Sex was a huge hit on the internet, but no one supports such films in Kolkata.

At the TOI office on Thursday, she did what she is known for ��� shoot from the hip.For three months, I was only concentrating on the game. I feel I can afford to not work for a while ��� money gives you that security. Sometimes, to have money is a nicer feeling than being loved���What made you join the show?I had some time on me and the channel had offered me the show earlier as well.Silajit has the image of a progressive person, who has written many songs about physical love.Basundhara, an ode to his wife, is about his own fantasies.

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