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I was guided by the glow of portable klieg lights police had set up in the parking lot in front of the school.

Besides guiding my way, the roar of the gas-powered generators that powered the lights conveniently concealed the crunching sounds the fallen leaves made as I moved through the forest.

Through the windows, I could see into a classroom, where the shades were only half-drawn and the lights were on inside.Out of the woods, I used my laptop with an internet hotspot to transmit my photos minutes past the midnight deadline. He was about to leave for the day when, he remembers, “Three photos come across my screen.It was too late for the front page, so they ended up on page two or three instead. Suddenly, I’m looking at body bags being wheeled out of Sandy Hook. “To this day, when I hear people make far-out claims that this was all a staged incident, I immediately think of [those] photos. That Saturday edition of the was a historic document.” The newspaper got me a hotel room nearby and let me stay on assignment in Connecticut for as long as there was something to cover.I climbed a steep hill and gained the top of a small ridge.As I made my way slowly in the dark, frozen leaves crunched beneath my boots.

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