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During this time he sold drugs out of a car wash at which he worked, for a local drug gang known as the "Best Friends".In an attempt to keep the kids out of trouble, a man in the neighborhood organized a rap group, composed of its founder The Blackman, Champtown, KDC, Chris "Doc Roun-Cee" Pouncy, and Bob. While performing, Rock befriended producer D-Nice of the hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions.Against his parents' wishes, Rock signed the deal at age 17.

Though Jive Records did not push the album, it gained infamy when radio station WSUC-FM (90.5) of Cortland, New York was fined ,700 by the FCC – then the largest fine against a radio station – for playing the song "Yo Da-Lin In the Valley," due to its highly suggestive lyrics. and Jive Records released Kid Rock from his contract in 1991.He chose his stage name while performing at these venues; club goers dubbed him "Kid Rock" after they had enjoyed watching "that white kid rock." Ritchie eventually ran away to Mt.Clemens at 15 and stayed with his friend Chris Pouncy.It failed to chart, and the music video received little airplay on major music video channels.Kid Rock re-released "Back From The Dead" as a single to mainstream radio and produced the music video himself, but it also failed as a single.

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