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on the other hand is a back-to-basics album, which in Matt & Kim's case is very basic indeed.

"Now" is typical of the simplicity of Matt & Kim’s songwriting, with its monotonous keyboard squiggle, stiff rhythm, and repetitive chorus.

Kevin O'Donnell of Rolling Stone remarked on the lo-fi, frantic recording style of the duo and called the results sometimes "exhilarating", then asked "What's missing?

" He answers: "Killer melodies to give some weight to their arty moves." Billboard said that "even though Grand is a bit toned down from Matt & Kim's first albums, it maintains the spunk, high energy and carefree attitude that caught people's attention in the first place." A music video was made for the songs "Lessons Learned" and "Daylight".

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But on record, these songs sound like parodies of unsophisticated "fun" pop music made by people who don't have a clue what makes unsophisticated pop truly enjoyable.[Verse 1: Matt Johnson] My arms are sore (You know, you know me) Home acting bored (You know, you know me) I shut my eyes (You know, you know me) Say it's alright [Chorus: Kim Schifino] Can you see what is haunting me?I try to walk, but we're scared to find You know me well and what's haunting me Now, we can be on time [Verse 2: Johnson] I mean, things weren't all bad Times that we had, times that we had Mc Carren Park, home after dark, skate down Drake's Ave But things got tough, didn't sleep enough, didn't sleep enough I needed you, be my breakthrough, not just show up [Chorus: Schifino] Can you see what is haunting me?“If I had any regret in life, it was the end of our relationship,” the “When we first dated, we were both young and immature, and I was so new to this world,” she says of why the relationship didn’t work the first time around.“Now we are both adults and feel balanced.” “He’s such a great guy.

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The 43-year-old actress and the 21-year-old comedian caught a movie at the Arc Light in the Sherman Oaks Galleria that evening. Hopefully the movie date went better than when Matt tried to see a movie the other day and was denied admission for showing up late!

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