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When I tried dating websites, I got a mixed bag of colorful characters.

When I do find someone I'm interested in, it fizzles out quickly.

We start out by messaging on the site, then we text each other.

The problem I am having is that these men don't ask "get to know you questions" or keep up a conversation at all.

I can be a bit cynical and, as I said, the misery might have had something to do with Cork being beaten in the aul hurling." Elaine read the next excerpt from the message, "You brag about being single and busy and loving it...

but you dont address the fact that you are single because of you , the busy part I will never understand quite frankly. " The final part of John's message was the bit she said she took most exception to.

I am uncomfortable using dating sites because I have genital herpes.

I was infected by my first husband more than 40 years ago.

"It's not nice to be doing something like that, so just think a little before you send your little messages out." She added that she had tried to engage with the troll on Facebook but he had deleted his Facebook account or blocked her.

If you have done that and encountered resistance, it might suggest you are coming on too strong or they aren't quite as ready as they have advertised.

Consider meeting men the old-fashioned way - through friends, relatives or social groups.

They're not normally native to Ireland." She showed viewers a photo of her hugging a koala bear before continuing, "I did once get hugged by a bear.

Technically speaking it's a marsupial but he looked quite happy to be there, snuggled up to my heaving bosom for a while.

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