Problems of verifying and validating real time systems

For some reason it just really bugs me that these two terms are incorrectly interchanged so frequently.

For purposes of this guidance, FDA considers software validation to be “confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that software specifications conform to user needs and intended uses, and that the particular requirements implemented through software can be consistently fulfilled.” In practice, software validation activities may occur both during, as well as at the end of the software development life cycle to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled.It is a good idea to verify the model as each of the segments are put together.The final verification must be performed with the completed model.The article talks about “software validation” at every step just like the FDA document. (my highlight): No, testing specific requirements is a verification activity! These definitions, Difference between Verification and Validation, are better as they highlight the sequencing of activities: Verification takes place before validation, and not vice versa.Another similar article on this subject is Software Validation: Turning Concepts into Business Benefits. Verification evaluates documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications.

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