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Please see the structure in one of the previous posts.FYI, I am using a typed dataset and mapping my procedures and queries etc to that dataset only.. Carlos, I did not create a master-detail grid, because I use the ASPX code from your Refresh Grid file.Hello Carlos, I have created a small sample using the structure of your grid to demonstrate you how the grid can be refreshed. Since your code is quite complex, I would appreciate it if you modify my sample to illustrate the issue. The inserting and deleting operations can be implemented in a similar way.Thanks, Vest Hello Vest, Thank you very much for the sample. I would like to see the rows returned from second table as columns in the gridview along with the columns from first table.It shows the updated records on page refresh or second time some changes are made.Hope that provides the best possible view of my issue!!! Thanks Hello Carlos, The grid might hang up if you call the Data Bind method in the ASPx Grid View. However, in the suggested example only the Data Source property is defined. Since my solution did not help you, could you please try the following scenario: 1.But Table2 columns can vary as user/admin can add/delete columns in Table2 from time-to-time.Once this is done, loading data from both tables for respective columns through some logic. And adding Table2 columns in Grid Columns collection dynamically (Using Databound event for this).

Thanks, Vest Hello Vest, I have tried to implement the resolution. I am adding columns from second table on Data Bound event of the aspxgridview. Since you deal with a Data Table object, you should refresh it when records on your database server become modified.For example, when a user updates a record, you update a corresponding record in SQL server. Even if you call the Data Bind method, you will not get a refreshed Data Table, and the grid will be bound to the previous datasource.These four would be there in normal as well as edit mode.In edit mode there would be around 7-8 such columns(remaining are Visible = False in normal gridview mode). Page Load Code Add the columns in datatable from Table1 (all the eight certain columns) as well as from Table2.

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