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They’d been together for 15 years and had never grown into mature adults who knew what they wanted out of life.They were both muted in different ways; Lemon didn’t have a job, while George was very successful, but was just an idiot when it came to relationships.George has always wanted to push Wade, and you see frustration from George sometimes.He was there the night Wade decided to cheat on Zoe, and he was not happy about it.Join us every Monday at Anchor Public Taps for Beer Education with our brewers!On Monday, 11/13, Anchor Brewmaster Scott Ungermann will host an educational and entertaining seminar focused on American Craft Beer History.Ever since Season 1, there have been these forbidden fruit-type feelings between Zoe and George.

When their relationship was fractured in Season 1 — between the affair and the wedding — that was just the two of them not being ready as individuals to be married at that point.

They’re a support system for each other, and I think it’s the right move.

I also think we delivered it in a way for fans, even ones who were hoping Zoe and George would get together, could enjoy. TVLINE | That leaves the door wide open for Wade to make his move.

All attendees will enjoy a glass of Anchor Steam Beer, Anchor California Lager, Liberty Ale, and Anchor Porter.

Come Raise Your Anchor and join us for some educational drinking!

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  1. radio show, the 41-year-old actress opened up about her dating life. Drew explained when she does date, she prefers to do it old-school, saying, “I remember when you were just waiting for that phone to ring, and then you were worried, ’cause you would miss their call.