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USE AND AVAILABILITY OF WATER Have there been changes in the sources of water used for agricultural production? * Has the role of WUAs changed and how do they impact the use and availability of water?

* How has water availability changed, and have barriers or costs to accessing irrigation been reduced? INCOME Have household income levels changed, including changes in components of household income, and has income shifted between agricultural and nonagricultural sources?

For some research questions, we will employ an impact analysis that uses a difference-in-differences (DID) approach to estimate the causal effects of some IWRM Project activities.

Through this approach, we will compare beneficiaries (the treatment group) to nonbeneficiaries (the comparison group) before and after the intervention, using existing baseline data and data we plan to collect through two follow-up survey rounds.

IMPAQ: This evaluation report presents findings from the baseline data collected for the Irrigation and Water Resources Management (IWRM) project, which serves as the primary data source for evaluating the activities of the IWRM project.

This report provides an overview of the current irrigation and agricultural situation in the Senegal River Valley.

The population is young with an estimated 62% of Senegalese under the age of 25.

Why are households changing or not changing agriculture production decisions, and how do those reasons vary depending on crop type, growing season, or income level?Rather, it was based on a variety of factors, including political, social and environmental.In the absence of random assignment, we will use a Difference-in-Differences (DID) methodology combined with propensity score matching (DID-PSM) to estimate the impact of the IWRM activities.For example, if we find that commune-level activities affected outcomes for both the treatment group and a portion of the comparison group, our DID impact estimates will not be able to capture the effects of these activities; instead, we will examine those commune-level activities and their effects qualitatively.Our mixed-methods analysis will draw on an array of data sources, including the household and community surveys, project documentation, secondary literature, and administrative data provided by MCC and local government agencies.

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