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Besides general functionality, to address the specific requirements of embedded mobile systems, I will also review a number of design strategies and useful tricks for improving performance, saving power and memory consumption, and protecting privacy.

You deploy a single agent to any endpoint devices you want to manage, and then manage those devices from a single web-based administrative console.

Shows you how to use the Audit feature to monitor the changes that occur on managed devices.

It enables you to configure the Remote Management, File Transfer event, and view details of the generated event.

The security and management engine’s firmware applications use the kernel’s RNG for generating keys and nonces (a The only kernel interface exposed for the RNG is a function for getting a random number with the size specified by the caller.

The function does not restrict an upper limit of the size, as long as the caller has allocated sufficiently large memory to hold the random number.

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Helps you set up a Join Proxy Satellite Server to remotely manage devices that are inaccessible from a ZENworks Primary Server.

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