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But it’s one thing to have these rules on their books and another to get officers to actually follow them.

The ACLU of Minnesota, for its part, on Monday called for Minneapolis police to add potential penalties for failing to follow the policy “to ensure better compliance and accountability.” Police officers in the US shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people a year, according to the Washington Post’s database — far more than other developed countries like the UK, Australia, Japan, and Germany, where police officers might go an entire year without killing more than a dozen people or even anyone at all.

On Saturday night, a police officer in Minneapolis shot a 40-year-old woman in the alley behind her house.

It took until Tuesday night for officials to explain what happened.

One review of 130 studies in 10 countries, published in , found that new legal restrictions on owning and purchasing guns tended to be followed by a drop in gun violence — a strong indicator that restricting access to guns can save lives.

For police in particular, one study found that every 10 percent increase in firearm ownership correlated with 10 additional officers killed at the state level over a 15-year period.

This is a result of cultural and policy decisions made by the US that have made firearms far more available in America than most of the world.

For American police officers, this means they not only to encounter more guns, making them more likely to anticipate and perceive a threat and use deadly force as a result.

And especially due to the international attention, why is it that American police seem to resort to force more often than law enforcement officers in other developed countries around the world?However a great peice of kit and dare I say it better than my other gaiter which is a little 'duff' by comparison!!You would think all would be equal in something as simple as a neckerchief - not so. One explanation: Americans are much more likely to own guns than their peers around the world.This means that conflicts — not just between police and civilians but between civilians — are more likely to escalate into deadly, violent encounters.

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