Vb net textbox not updating

I have tried setting the Auto Post Back="True" but that made no difference. When I load the page, I do the following and it works: txt First Name.Text = "Original Text" On a button press event, I go user. Text; and it works giving me "Original Text" However, if between loading the page and saving the page, I change txt First Name.To String 'As I found the textbox didn't update itself, I add (Counter.update) '....

(you may wireup them individually, but that's unnecessary and lot more code).

It seems to work well and set values into the text box on the page load and get them on a button press event.

However, if I make a change to any of the textboxes, the updated value is not captured in the text box.

some calculation statment end for Me.txtcounter.update sometimes work , sometimes doesn't , I saw the textbox show "289" and then stop , but the statment runs very well.

Does anymethod to push the textbox must show the correct value, Thanks Agnes, You don't have option strict on. At least you would see that this is better as For i = 1 to 5000 = i.

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This article explains how to send Grid View row values to another page and update the record values and return to the original Grid View page using ASP.

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